How to Kick the Soda Habit

You probably already know that soda or carbonated drinks aren't good for your health. Although it is

hard to resist a can of soda and its sweet taste and pleasant fizz, it's far from being the healthiest

beverage out there. People drink soda on a regular basis; they drink it to wash down their dinner, get

through an afternoon slump, or quench their thirst at the movies. It seems harmless enough and if you

consume it occasionally, it is, but when you consume soda regularly, this habit of yours becomes


This is not just a guide for those who are consuming dozens of cans of soda every day, but it's also for

the ones who only enjoy the occasional sips. Cutting back on carbonated drinks can definitely benefit

your weight as well as your health.

Why You Should Quit Soda

Here are the biggest reasons why you should quit soda right away:

 Excess calories

 Tooth decay

 Diabetes

 Weak bones

Excess calories pose the biggest risk for those who drink soda regularly. These calories come from added

sugar, and they're not really offering you any nutritional value in minerals, vitamins or even


However, that's not all because soda can cause several other types of harm too. Tooth decay and

diabetes are commonly linked to regular soda consumption. It's also bad for your bones, and that may

be because of the phosphorus present in these drinks or because people who are addicted to soda are

not consuming healthy drinks as well such as milk.

Diet Sodas Aren’t Any Good Either

Consuming diet sodas can save you from consuming those extra calories, but that doesn't mean that

diet soda is the healthiest beverage around. Even diet soda drinkers are more likely to be obese or

overweight than those who don't drink.

This is especially more harmful to those who are trying to lose weight because consuming diet sodas

regularly isn't helping your cause. The risk of bone thinning and tooth decay is also associated with diet

sodas as much as it is with regular sodas. They are also linked to heart diseases and depression.

Switching to diet soda may be a good first step to kicking your soda habit, but the plan should be to

eventually get rid of them.

Kicking the soda habit can be very difficult, but these are some of the best ways to do so.

Start Off Slowly

To put it simply, soda addiction is a real thing. If you think you have it, you shouldn't try to abandon it

completely because that's unrealistic and probably won't ever work. You need to start off slowly and get

rid of soda dependence by taking baby steps.

If you have been drinking multiple servings every day, you should try cutting back to one or two sodas

per day. After two weeks of this practice, try to switch to three to four sodas per week.

This gradual change is going to be realistic and easier to accept for your system and can actually lead to

sustainable change.

Mix with Water

Another great tip is to start kicking the soda habit by drinking half-water, half-soda. You'll not only be

consuming less of soda, but you'll also be hydrating yourself more by drinking more water. That's not

the only advantage because by mixing it with water, you'll be reducing the sweetness of soda and that's

the thing most people get addicted to. By consuming less soda sugar, your taste buds will start to

change, and soon you'll get rid of the sweetness dependency.

Track Your Calories

One 12-ounce can of soda contains approximately 140 calories, and a 20-ounce serving has 240 calories.

If you have been sipping soda cans without stopping, you're in for a rude awakening. If you're looking to

cut back on your soda habit and lose some weight, you can start by tracking your calories.

Download a calorie tracking app so that you can understand how much effect soda has on your daily

consumption. Of course, this will require you to record each serving, but it's a very effective way if

you're willing to cut back on your soda habit.

Switch to Tea

It's understandable that you need a caffeine jolt to actually wake up in the morning. Switching to

unsweetened tea instead of soda can give you health benefits and still be as refreshing and jolting as


Since you're a sugar addict, the taste of unsweetened tea won't appeal to you, so you can try adding

lemon, mint or some artificial sweetener. Of course, artificial sweetener is only so you can make the

switch from soda to tea and it should only be taken during the transition phase.

Drink Water to Quench Your Thirst

Most people drink sodas whenever they're thirsty, but instead of grabbing that soda can every time you

feel the thirst, try getting a glass or bottle of cold water. Water will keep you hydrated, and you'll no

longer feel the urge to drink soda.

Most of the time, people consume soda because that is what's easily available. You can fix this habit by

carrying a cold bottle of water with you. It will save you some excessive calories as well as some bucks.

Switch to Seltzer

If it's carbonated water you crave instead of plain water, you can try flavored seltzer water. You can

purchase bottles or buy the SodaStream to make your own. You can also try to go for more natural

brands with fewer artificial additives.

Switch to Natural

There are many organic and natural sodas out there that contain less sweetened corn syrup or any of

the other artificial ingredients.

You can also simply get a juicer and make fresh fruit juices for yourself. That's a much healthier and

refreshing option as compared to sodas as fresh juice makes you more active, but soda just makes you


Getting rid of the soda addiction can be difficult, but there are plenty of good alternatives that you can

switch to.

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